A few things about me 

- I love Chocolate.

- My favorite people call me, Babe, Mom, Mama, and Mommy. 

- I can never put my camera down.

- I have a very strong passion for Labor & Delivery! 

- I cry very easily while listening to others give speeches.

- I love LOVE.

Hi, I'm Veida!

Im a photographer living in the East Bay part of California. I first and foremost am a wife, and a mother to my two young children.

As a child, I always had a disposable film camera in my hand! Whether it was going on field trips, taking photos of my baby niece at the time or taking photos of my family, I was always clicking a shutter! I also had a deep love for art as a child. I used to love to paint and draw photos of animals and scenery. I actually got my first job when I was in middle school as a art assistant to an art instructor. I always had an eye for things and was very creative. I never would have thought that my love for art would transfer from my hands to a paintbrush, to my eyes always looking through a camera. 


My love for photography started growing more after the birth of my firstborn. He was growing up so fast before my eyes and I wanted to document them so I could always look back at how tiny he once was. Everyone loved the images of my kids I took and they really urged me to start up a business!


Special thanks to my Husband, my sister Nilab, my cousin Husay, and my friend Khalida! You guys really pushed me and encouraged me to do what I loved. So I officially started my business in March of 2015 and here I am now!

I love capturing beautiful moments for others and being able to see the smiles on their faces when they get to relive a special moment through the images I’ve taken. Seeing and making others happy is very rewarding and humbling.  


I hope to be able experience your story with you through my side of the camera lens! Let’s be apart of each others journeys! Click on the contact tab so we can chat and get connected!